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The prosperity game is a simple and fun way to activate your ability to attract money.

In order to get money flowing freely in your life, you first have to understand the law of attraction because that’s what’s behind it all. The Law of Attraction, simply stated, says, “Like attracts like.” It is operating impartially all the time. You are attracting what you are broadcasting, no exceptions.

Because every subject is really two subjects – what we want and the lack of it, we are usually sending out a mixture of energy signals, which results in a seemingly random mix of desired and undesired results. This is called creating by default.

The solution is to become a deliberate creator.

The creation process is straightforward.
Step 1: As you are living your daily life, you experience unwanted things, what we call contrast. The contrast produces a desire within you for things to be different. And you make a decision about what you want to attract into your experience.

Step 2: You must allow what you want to manifest for you. Allowing is theoretically simple; just get yourself into alignment with what you want and it will flow to you. Send out a vibration that matches the frequency of what you want, and it will come to you.

Playing the prosperity game helps you to maximize both steps of the deliberate creation process because it expands your ability to imagine ever increasing amounts of money flowing freely in your life, and it raises your vibration around money.

The amount of abundance you attract into your experience is a direct result of your money vibration. The frequency of your vibration on any topic is created by a combination of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. They all must be congruent with what you want in order for your desires to materialize. If you are not currently manifesting all the prosperity you desire, that means that your thoughts, words, feelings and behaviors on the subject of money need some tweaking.

The prosperity game creates a virtual experience of having more and more money flowing to you on a regular basis. It lets you use imaginary experiences with money to raise your money set point and attract more abundance.

Here’s how it works.

You establish an imaginary checking account. You receive regular “deposits” into that account. And you “spend” the money you have received and imagine yourself enjoying everything you have purchased.

*Important Note:
There is no actual money involved in playing the game. This is a game where you use your imagination to receive and spend ever increasing amounts of money. But don’t worry, because the Law of Attraction responds exactly the same way to a vibration created by events that you are living as a vibration created by what you are imagining.

Playing the game takes your attention off “what is” and focuses it on what you want.

When you wholeheartedly play the game you will:

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